novelist, professional ghost writer

What can Alice do?

Alice can copy-edit your manuscript. (Copy-editing does not refer to merely correcting grammar, content and spelling but also takes into account organisation, clarity of thought and flow.)

Alice can ghostwrite, taking your idea of a story (or your family history) and turn it into a novel or a play for you to self-publish or to submit to agents or publishers for publication.

Alice can ensure that your book reaches publication-standard. (Note: she cannot guarantee publication. No editor or ghostwriter can do that, and those who imply that they can are not being completely honest with you. See section below on ‘Getting published.’)

What can Alice do for your MS?

 Assist with plot, which ideally ought to be character-driven rather than idea-driven, so that the reader is drawn effortlessly into your world
Sharpen up any function-free, wordy or limp dialogue. (We all know about ‘showing’ rather than ‘telling’: but our dialogue is the ultimate proof of whether or not we can do it!)
De-clutter scientific or academic jargon to open up your ideas to a wider market
Work with you on character development: ensuring that every character is as consistent and believable as possible
‘Translate,’ with pinpoint accuracy, British English into American English (or vice-versa)
Proofread (Not a glamorous skill, but a necessary one!)