novelist, professional ghost writer

So, you’ve researched your family history and — for you — one particular ancestor or ancestors stood out, either through amazing deeds, unusual circumstances or simply character. You’d love to explore this ancestor, but (despite your best efforts) your sources have petered out. You’d love to be able to enter his or her world, or tell the story, but you’re not a professional writer.

Or else this has happened: you’ve reached a mature age, and long for something to leave behind for grandchildren, even your great-grandchildren, that will in future years renew or maintain their connection to you in a form they’re at the moment too young to take in.

Alice specialises in making reality (or genealogy) read like fiction. She can:

  • Turn your story (or that of an ancestor) into a novel or a play
  • Transform your own emotions into accessible prose
  • Assist you to organise your recollections into a book