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Testimonials to Alice's editing and ghost writing

‘Alice is a marvellous editor: tireless, enthusiastic, inspiring, always with new options of making the structure work at her fingertips.’

Hans Arnold

- author of How mothers with post-natal depression create narcissists and psychopaths

'At last a contract! Alice, you bring me luck!'

email to Alice

- from Bella Brover-Lubovsky, on receiving book contract from IUP for Tonal Space in the Music of Antonio Vivaldi, substantively edited by Alice McVeigh

'Alice puts life into her words; she is a wonderful writer, with sensitivity and imagination. Very professional and a joy to work with: timely and honest and trustworthy. I look forward to a long collaboration.'

Sheila Pryce Printworks Press

Printworks Press

'The writing is clear and approachable, at times even lively, which for an academic study of this kind is both unusual and refreshing.'

- Review of Indiana University Press book substantially edited by Alice McVeigh

'Alice is very attentive to the customer's wishes and needs, and unfailingly patient. She has been a huge help in getting my project organized in a way that serves the ultimate goal, and, in some chapters, I believe that her touch made all the difference.'

Wayne G. Sayles

- Author of First to Fall

'My memoir Out of Iraq was ghost written by Alice McVeigh. Never would I have gotten a publisher without her support and belief in my story. From the structure to the order of the words, there is not a sentence in the book without her art behind it.'

Mahmoud Albayati

- author of Out of Iraq

'I needed a ghost writer for my book (now published as Operation Hope) of being the first chaplain on the scene after Hurricane Katrina demolished New Orleans. Alice took my notes and turned them into something anyone would be proud of, without changing my style or character. She is extremely easy to work with, with a talent for weaving ideas together. She knows how to ask the right questions in order to dig missing detail out of stored memory . . . Thanks to her, my dream became a reality.'

Mike Taylor

- author of Operation Hope

'Alice amazed me. She took a manuscript without shape and, with a couple of inspired tweaks, turned it into something amazing. Of course she's quick and accurate, but a lot of editors are quick and accurate. What Alice has got is pure flair.'

Harry Chant

- children's writer

‘Alice is supportive and quite simply a genius with words. I am more grateful to her than any words (or any fee!) can really express.'

Professor Jehoash Hirshberg

- author and musicologist

'Finally I should like to express my thanks to my wife Alice, without whose constant encouragement and tireless search for the mot juste this book would have been immeasurably the poorer.'

Professor Simon McVeigh

- author of Concert Life in London from Mozart to Haydn (Cambridge University Press), among other books and monographs